New chapter in Fractal Lights history is unfolding! Introducing the Fractal Elite spots

Fractal Lights, a brand highly esteemed among professional stage lighting experts, is undergoing a comprehensive transformation. Its new offerings represent a vigorous step forward from what was available just a short while ago.

Fractal products have always been distinguished by an excellent balance of build quality to price ratio. Devices like the Morph or Symetro moving heads have become staples in many clubs and event venues. They have also become essential tools for DJs and bands whose performances require professional lighting.

In response to customer expectations, Fractal will soon introduce three new product lines, each aimed at a different target group:

INSPIRIT Series – designed for users looking for budget-friendly devices for semi-professional use;

RADIANZ Series – created for professional applications where cost is also a factor;

LUMINIZE Series – a line of professional products designed to perform optimally even under the most demanding stage conditions.

The change in the range of products is also reflected in the brand’s new logo:

But the transformed face of Fractal is primarily about new gear.

The Fractal Elite and Elite+ spots are at the forefront. These are among the first products introduced as part of the LUMINIZE series, featuring powers of 400 W and 550 W respectively.

The power of the light source, a wide zoom range, a CMY color mixing system, and CTO correction combined with fast and quiet engines are features that position both lamps among the top devices in their class.

Their robust, durable housing ensures a long operational life, and an integrated mounting system makes the Fractal Elite and Elite+ exceptionally flexible tools for various stage setups.

Thanks to CTO correction, the new Fractal devices excel as both front and decorative lighting (especially considering the option to choose gobos at purchase).

They will elevate the atmosphere of any concert or event – thanks to their wide zoom range, gobos, speed, and power of the Elite models. And the quiet operation of the engines means they also perform perfectly as theatrical lighting.


Fractal Elite spots are designed for the professional market and will change your perception of working with lighting. They will be sold in a transport-ready flight case – and will be available soon!

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