GTR Tools

GTR Tools 


Gdańsk, Poland

Guitar accesories


Brand Story

Attention! This brand will be loved by all guitarists, guitar owners and collectors, their families, friends, and all those who deal with displaying, transporting and tuning guitars. GTR Tools is a Polish brand that was created with all guitarists in mind – the products of this brand will be useful for both classical/acoustic and electric guitars. GTR has even released products dedicated to those who play the ukulele. The tools created by GTR perfectly balance the quality/price ratio. Their offer includes products that are durable, have a simple design, and are effective – all these features are fulfilled at a reasonable, affordable price. The offer includes, first of all, covers for acoustic guitars equipped with numerous additional pockets for accessories – a guitar stand, a capodron or a tuner. Colourful universal guitar straps also stand out among the products. There is a lot to choose from.


They’re just guitar accessories – you might say. However, they are accessories and tools without which no guitarist would be able to freely enjoy his favorite guitar. GTR Tools are products that follow the musician on his or her sometimes crazy journey between rehearsal rooms and concerts. Whether it’s daily music sessions or weekly guitar lessons – GTR supports instrumentalists in their development by providing products that are essential in everyday guitar use of the guitar. All GTR accessories are designed to be handy and ready to tuck in their cases any time and to feel lightweight while carried from place to place. GTR Tools’ polymer guitar tripod is one of few universal guitar stands which will not only protect and expose any guitar (acoustic, bass and electric) but also fit in the pockets of most guitar cases. The simple folding and unfolding system and lightweight construction based on simple and reliable solutions guarantee that you will enjoy using this GTR stand for a long time.


Little things can make you happy. Especially when those little things allow your customers to accomplish great things – and making guitar music for any guitarist is a huge thing. GTR Tools accompanies them on their musical journey with its guitar straps, handy cases, capodasters, and chromatic tuners. GTR Tools opens itself up to a wide range of customers by providing products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality and usability. The products of this brand will make a perfect duet with prestigious guitar brands.