FULL NAME Bespeco Professional ESTABLISHED 1981 FOUNDED Castelfidardo, Italy PRODUCTS Electronics, cables, metal stands, flight cases OFFICIAL WEB

Brand Story​


Bespeco is another brand in our “best of” collection that is proud to have an Italian soul. As we know, Italian manufacturers are characterized primarily by a passion for what they do. Without passion, there is no work. Therefore, if we decide to invest in Italian products, we can usually be sure of their quality. Bespeco produces perfect things or does not produce them at all. What is also important is their characteristic enjoyment and love of small things, their attachment to details. It turns out that there are people who will invent a whole factory of dreams and ideas to create perfect cables. The history of this brand starts in 1981. Its first hero is Corrado Bessarione. He laid the foundations for the Bespeco philosophy. Innovation, design, quality, and service. These are the four pillars that have kept the brand firmly on its feet and enabled it to go far.


This Italian brand is best known for its metal stands for guitars, ukuleles and microphones, cables, connectors, and flight cases. Bespeco also produces audio and lighting systems and bags for instruments. In their projects, they focus on innovation. The process of developing a concept for a new or improved product is extremely important to Bespeco. This is where the magic called creativity happens. The second important issue for the brand’s development history is design. The company tries to create functional products with a well-thought-out and comfortable design. However, as an Italian brand, looks count. Bespeco products (even if we look at their cables and connectors) are supposed to spread charm and be the quintessence of Italian chic.


The quality of Bespeco music products is guaranteed by a standardized manufacturing process. Here, tender care is taken to ensure that every item produced is perfect. According to its Italian nature, brand wants to treat its customers as its own family. This means that customer service and contact with clients must not only run smoothly, but the encounter with the company itself must be a pleasant experience. The relationship between Bespeco and the client continues even after the partnership has been established. Customer care continues at every stage of the service.