Monster Cable  Products Inc


San Francisco, USA

Cables, headphones, speakers


Brand Story

The monster we would like to tell us a little about has a very human face. This face expresses relentlessness, passion, and love for music. It is the face of an audiophile, a musician fascinated with sound. The face that has been accompanying the Moster Cable brand for 40 years is the face of Noel Lee. We could probably write a book about people like the founder of Moster Cable. And what is most fascinating about this story? Such a book would be a story about both the man and the brand he created. The man and the brand identity are one in this case. Sometimes, to find our destiny, we have to tread our path where it doesn’t exist yet. That’s exactly what Noel Lee did when he left his engineering job at Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory in 1974. Why did he make that decision? Because he loved music and sounds. It is so simple. He believed that following his passion and intuition would bring the best results. As the saying goes: find a job you love and you won’t work a day. And you will achieve success faster than you think. In the case of Noel Lee and the Monster Cable brand, those words have proven to be true.


Nowadays, after 40 years of uncompromising development, The Monster Cable is a leader in the music equipment market. This monstrous manufacturer supplies speakers, cables, power centers, and also creates products for the gaming and lighting industries. And it all started with the weakest link. The brand’s founder has the spirit of a great inventor indeed. He is the one who thought about sound quality from a completely different perspective than anyone before. He started a new era of sound. It turned out that the weakest link – the wire – could be the answer to the needs of audiophiles around the world.


The Cable. It was the key that revolutionized the music industry and music reception. It seems obvious to us now, but forty years ago, it was a crazy concept to spend all one’s energy on this element. However, Noel had the foresight and support of his friends and family. When he created his first performance speaker cable, he named it “Monster” because of its unprecedented power. This is how the name for the brand was created. People in the music community who were confronted with what Noel was creating, began to see the difference between an ordinary cable and a Monster. Noel felt it was time to go out into the world with his products. The brand seemed to be just shaping up, and already the founder of The Monster Cable was moving his headquarters from his garage to a large manufacturing studio in San Francisco. Further development is reflected in the present shape of the brand. Is there anyone who has not heard of Monster Cable?