New Alto Professional Wireless System Just Hit the Ground Running

Meet Stealth Wireless MKII: a 2-channel UHF system for powered speakers designed for sound professionals.

No More Cables!

The Alto Professional Stealth Wireless MKII is a next-gen wireless solution that eliminates the need for up to 200’ cabling.

With Stealth Wireless MKII, it’s easy to add wireless audio connectivity to any active loudspeaker without compromising audio quality. The system works through walls, floors, and ceilings, providing setup flexibility far exceeding conventional hard-wired systems.

Adding Stealth Wireless MKII to your live sound rig will enable you to skip the long setup and teardown processes required of a wired sound system. This is the ultimate time and money saver.

What’s on Board?

Stealth Wireless MKII includes a single dual-channel transmitter with two removable antennas. The front panel LCD screen conveniently shows RF frequency, channel number, and AF signal level for both channels.

The system includes two receivers with slim-line, rugged plastic housings, and dual swiveling hinged antennae.

Stealth Wireless MKII: Set for Mono or Stereo Use

Two XLR + balanced 1/4” TRS combo inputs on the transmitter accommodate the main outputs from nearly any mixing board or console.

Each of the receiving units has a single 1/4” TRS output to send the signal to a powered speaker array or a traditional amplifier-and-speaker combo.

Every Stealth Wireless MKII package comes with (2) 1/4” TRS to XLR cables so you can plug into your system right out of the box.

Delivers Exactly What Professionals Demand

For sound professionals, setup time, simplicity, and flexibility are of paramount importance. But any reduction in audio quality for convenience is totally unacceptable.

Stealth Wireless MKII delivers faster setup/teardown, LCD displays for instant visual confirmation of system configuration, and uncompromised audio quality – making it a perfect choice for experienced users.

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