Meeting guitarists’ needs: Fishman Loudbox and Fishman Fluence collections now available!

We are tremendously happy to announce this news: two renowned Fishman collections have entered our warehouse! Namely, the Loudbox and Fluence series – both of them loved and desired by guitarists from all over the world.

Given how popular they are with professionals and aspiring amateurs alike, we don’t expect them to stay with us too long. So don’t hesitate if you want to introduce this top-of-the-line music equipment to your business!

Loudbox Acoustic Amplifiers: Classic looks and superior sound

The distinctive, slightly vintage design of the Loudbox amplifiers is just one reason to acquire them. What musicians are most interested in is adequate sound quality. How does this collection perform in that regard?

The tone is exponentially clear and transparent, allowing a musician to shine in the studio, on stage, or even on the street. Acoustic guitarists who appreciate mobility and the ability to play anywhere will be particularly interested in the Loudbox Mini model.

But really, each of these amps is characterized by a quality appropriate to the Fishman brand’s reputation. They give the best plugged-in acoustic sound possible, with a high dynamic range and tailored frequency response. And thanks to their solid build, they will serve their satisfied owner for many years.

Fluence collection: new quality of multi-voice pickups for electric guitar

Fishman Fluence pickups are made for professionals who want to avoid inductance issues during their sessions with the instrument. Equipped with any of the models in this collection, they can forget about hum and noise.
Instead, they quickly become accustomed to having their tone pure, consistent and uncorrupted, and articulation – enhanced. It’s possible thanks to the use of Fishman’s proprietary Core technology.

The Fishman Fluence is an excellent choice for guitarists creating in a variety of styles. And these are not empty words. They’re happily used by pro-level musicians such as Devin Townsend, Tosin Abasi, Keith Marrow, Greg Koch, and Sarah Longfield, to name just a few.

So, are you ready to acquire the equipment your customers are probably looking for right now?

Both collections are available at Lauda Central Europe.

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