Martin Guitar Strings Available
As your Martin Guitar Distributor we also give you access to the whole family of strings.

Strings make a guitar come alive by giving voice to the wood and Martin Guitars are so specific about their tone that they have been making guitar strings for the longest time.  Martin has made guitars for nearly 200 years and strings for five decades.

You’ll find a wide range of Martin strings that fit your instrument, playing style, and budget. 

We’re sure you know these products well, but here are some interesting guidelines to help your customers find the right set.

  • Would you like a tone with softer mids and emphasized highs and lows?
    Then 80/20 bronze strings are the best fit, possibly with a longer lifespan if you choose the Treated Lifespan 2.0 strings.

  • Do you like a slightly dark and warm sound with pronounced mids?
    Then the 92/8 phosphor bronze are the ideal strings for you, possibly with a longer life if you choose the Treated Lifespan 2.0 strings or with easier playability if you choose the Flexible Core strings.

  • Are you looking for a very warm, natural sound and do you want to hear the real sound of your guitar?
    Then you are probably best off with Retro Monel strings.

  • Are you looking for a slightly brighter tone with a warm and rich mid and low range?
    Then it is best to choose the Titanium Core strings, they stay in perfect tuning and last a long time.

Reach out to us and we’ll set you up with the right selection for your store.

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