Introducing New Quality of Sound – The Premiere of LINEAR 9 Series
To say that LINEAR 9 is a high-profile premiere is like saying nothing at all. HK Audio’s new flagship 
line of sound equipment is the answer to the stringent requirements of even the most advanced users. 
And it’s the kind of answer we would expect from a brand with such experience and a strong position 
in the market.

The LINEAR 9 is a high-end sound system packed in PU-coated birch multiplex housing; powerful speakers, class-D amplifiers, latest 

generation DSP-driven controllers, DSP Outs, and universal network connectivity.

A crown’s jewel, in this case, is a LINEAR 9 210 LTA model: an incredibly efficient point-source speaker that delivers excellent sound pressure 

levels. And at the same time gives plenty of power.

Also, the LINEAR 9 family includes two versatile, compact models (110 XA and 112 XA) and two high-performance 18″ subwoofers.

So much for the introduction; let’s look at models included in the series’ new approach!


In terms of dimensions, 110 XA is the smallest member of the line. With its low profile and small footprint, it works well as a stage monitor. 

As a unit paired with a subwoofer, it performs with power and precision that has a great potential to surprise, given its compact built.


Combined with multiple subwoofers, this model offers powerful low mids and high SPL. And as a stand-alone speaker, 112 XA delivers 

perfect speech intelligibility, thanks to the features such as 60 dB FIR crossover. Bottom line: this is a versatile concert speaker for 

music events with a wide variety of types.


This constat-curvature point-source speaker provides first-rate performance in horizontal clusters. With Multicell Transformer (MCT) on 

board, this model can deliver pristine sound even at extreme SPL’s. 210 LTA gives both exceptionally low distortion and precise directivity.

LINEAR 9 118 Sub A

Small and lightweight, yet powerful – this direct-radiating subwoofer packs bass performance into a compact enclosure that’s exceptionally 

easy to transport. With the built-in filter set, setting up cardioid configurations is extremely easy.

LINEAR 9 118 Sub BA

Featuring a larger enclosure, this model delivers powerful, deeper sound. The frequency and phase response of this subwoofer are tuned to 

match the LINEAR 9 118 Sub A. The two units work perfectly together on stage, providing the highest quality of sound.

They are available now from Lauda Central Europe.

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