Design Inspiration

Hotone Audio Co.


Changsha City, China

Multi effects, loopers, controllers, pre-amps


Brand Story

Hotone brand is about creativity and freedom. So it is what musicians love the most. Hotone is also one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of pedals and amps. What has allowed this brand to shine in the firmament of heaven as a well-recognized star giving direction to many artistic journeys? It is primarily the possibilities and effects that Hotone products offer to guitarists. Guitar pedals have been created to generate the possibilities of self-expression through music as an unlimited source. If any guitarist thought that he knew his instrument well and nothing could surprise him, Hotone answers: wait, you still have a long and fascinating way to go. Pedals and amps produced by Hotone can be compared to the second soul of the instrument, its next face. Hotone shows an alternative way of musical expression – or even hundreds of ways, and each of them leads to one point: the satisfaction of playing.


When we think of Hotone, we not only hear the full scale of crazy effects and possibilities, but we also see the design of this manufacturer’s product lines – their products are just super cool. Hotone is characterized by very bold, varied colors of its pedal panels. But it’s not the end: we love Hotone for its unique vintage look. Starting with super font prints, rocking names of particular products, and ending with their shape – they are so awesome that you simply want to own them, and your choice based just on the design. Don’t judge a book by its cover – the saying goes. In this particular case, however, the appearance of the products is only a preview of their interior and quality.


The current Hotone team employs specialists from around the world focused on making each product a portal to infinity. Of course, Hotone is most beloved for its lines of pedals and micro-amps. At the heart of the production of their stompboxes is the Skyline – each product in this collection will fit easily into any one of your customer’s hands, delighting them with its simplicity accompanied by an array of tonal options. The brand is trusted by thousands of artists. The technological quality of Hotone products is awarded for new solutions almost every year. The brand is fundamental for modern music development and accompanies artists during the creative process, rehearsals, and chamber concerts.