HK Audio Presents FINEO – The New Installation Standard

As a speaker series thought of as from scratch, FINEO offers features and formats that are particularly important and in demand in typical installations today. Based on feedback from installation professionals with years of experience, many detailed solutions were implemented for FINEO that guarantee uncomplicated integration in practice. The broadly positioned product family consists of five passive mid/high units as well as five subwoofers, which are available in black and white as standard.

FINEO is intended for „daily business“, where primarily small to medium-sized installations are implemented directly by local dealers or service providers. Here, elaborate planning, simulations and public tenders are seldom carried out – instead, the focus is on uncomplicated products with high sound quality, solid mounting accessories, easy integration and, last but not least, an attractive price/performance ratio.

This is exactly where FINEO is placed and, below SI SERIES and VORTIS (2), represents the new entry-level range of HK Audio‘s „Made in St. Wendel“ product portfolio.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Music clubs, theaters and karaoke bars (KTV)
  • Sports venues, conference environments and small houses of worship
  • Event catering, hospitality and background sound systems
  • Multifunctional halls, community centers and auditoriums
  • Exhibitions, immersive/multi-channel systems and Power Hi-Fi


The professionalism of this new product line is emphasized by the extremely robust construction of the cabinets. With certified ball impact resistance according to DIN 18032-3, FINEO may also be installed in sports facilities.

In addition to a variety of mounting points, matching U-brackets and wall mounts are available. The universal VESA format guarantees maximum flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements. In addition, data for many different digital signal processors (DSPs) is available. Furthermore, simulation data is provided in GLL format for EASE and EASE FOCUS 3. All these and many more features set the FINEO loudspeakers apart from comparable products on the market.

New features and formats

Five new passive mid/high units and subwoofers – including new formats such as coaxial 5“/1“ compact speakers and flyable subwoofers.

Based on feedback from experienced installation professionals, FINEO has integrated many features and modern detailed solutions that make integration noticeably easier in practice.

Ball impact-proof. Safe!

All FINEO loudspeakers are ball impact-proof as standard and thus meet the strict requirements of the German standard for sports facilities (DIN 18032-3). Massive front grilles and additional steel reinforcements thus cope with even the greatest mechanical demands.

Controlled directivity

Modern high frequency horns from the in-house R&D allow almost perfect directivity, so that the sound character on the audience areas remains constant. To achieve this, FINEO uses a horn that is already familiar from the CX-8 professional touring product. With its square shape, it can be rotated by 90°, which is always useful when the speaker is to be installed horizontally.

VESA. Making it work

A standardized VESA hole pattern is available on the back of all FINEO speakers. Inside the cabinet, this is supported by generous steel reinforcements. The VESA mounts adapt both HK Audio accessories and any special accessories from third-party suppliers, thus allowing maximum flexibility for your installation.

Fresh ideas

A specially developed, new accessory package has been implemented for FINEO: U-brackets for all cabinet sizes, swivel and tilt brackets for wall mounting, rotatable ball joint brackets, flange adapters. Thus, FINEO allows fast and safe installations in „daily business“.

More bass

As part of the new FINEO product family, new subwoofer formats are introduced that can be used for both groundstacking and flown installation. Special steel reinforcements, „garbage-protected“ bass reflex ports and milled cable guides are practical features that emerged from feedback from installation professionals with decades of experience.

Simulations. Precise and reliable

Whether acoustic simulations are needed for demanding projects or quick preliminary planning – with the data in GLL format, FINEO loudspeakers can be calculated in both EASE (4.4/5) or EASE FOCUS 3.

Passive mid/high units


Flexible, ultra-compact 5″/1″ coaxial speaker, also suitable for wall and ceiling installation.


Compact, easy-to-integrate loudspeaker with 8″ woofer.


Uncompromising performance in compact dimensions with 10″ woofer.


Classic and popular driver line-up with 12″ woofer for full-range sound and powerful midrange in the system.


Addtional low end and more power with 15″ woofer – Most powerful Mid/High-Unit of the series.

Passive subwoofers


Very compact 12″ subwoofer. Very easy to integrate thanks to compact cabinet dimensions.


Flyable version of the FO S112, can be installed either with U-bracket or 4x M8 as standard.


18″ subwoofer extending the low-frequency output of any FINEO systemfor rich bass and powerful sound.


Flyable version of the FO S118, can be installed either with U-bracket or 4x M8 as standard.


Most powerful subwoofer of the series with double 18-inch drivers and lowest cut-off frequency of 33 Hz.

Most popular

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