Focal presents TRIO6, a new monitor for sound professionals

Following Solo6 and Twin6, Focal expands its ST6 range with the Trio6 3-way monitor. This new flagship professional loudspeaker Focal expertise in acoustics and sound reproduction, for even more detail and transparency. Innovative speaker drivers, dual Focus mode, disengageable automatic stand-by, laminar port and strengthened cabinet are just some of the features showcased on this versatile work tool, delivering uncompromising performance.


Made in France at the Focal workshops, Trio6 is equipped with an 8″ subwoofer with a ‘W’ cone – a patented innovation. Additional features are the 5″ midrange woofer incorporating TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) technology, reducing distortion in the 1kHz to 3kHz frequency range by 50%, and a new beryllium tweeter boasting IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) to control resonance. Its large laminar port significantly limits port noise and its strengthened cabinet provides even better rigidity and damping, fewer vibrations and therefore less distortion. Trio6 offers remarkable sound neutrality across the full sound spectrum, as well as a precise midrange, impactful bass and excellent dynamics resulting in very low distortion level.


Trio6 has a dual Focus mode – either one-way or two-way – which creates three monitors in one by combining the iconic Focus mode from the old SM9 star monitor with the new full-range Focus mode from the ST6 line. This new configuration of speaker drivers is available by simply pressing a pedal – as though you had a second pair of studio monitors with reduced frequency response enabling you to check how the mix would adapt to smaller systems. Sound engineers can then preserve the sweet spot when mixing, save space on the desk or console, and simplify cabling and monitor changes.


Like Solo6 and Twin6, Trio6 includes a variable highpass crossover, a 160Hz parametric crossover to reduce reflections from the console, and an automatic stand-by mode that can be disengaged using a switch the user can access for better loudspeaker control. With its impressively fluid speaker drivers, its fully analog filtering and its carefully considered design to enhance performance, Trio6 is a versatile work tool that will win the complete confidence of sound engineers, sound designers, composers, beatmakers and producers alike.

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