Audix Introduces A231Studio Vocal Microphone

Audix has been providing perfect condenser microphone solutions for years. Moreover, with each new device, the brand pushes the boundaries even further. It was no different with the launch of a new model: A231.

This microphone has been designed for professionals recording in a studio environment. With its cardioid pattern, it can be used virtually anywhere. The capsule measures 33 mm and uses 25% more diaphragm area than similar competitor models. As with its predecessor (A131), the grille on the Audix A231 is made of a double-woven steel mesh and a thin acoustic foam filter. The mesh efficiently protects against impacts that can happen while recording.

In addition, an internal shock mount is also present on board, eliminating the need for separate systems. The microphone is thus isolated from any vibration and mechanical interference.

A231 is perfect for recording not only vocals but also instruments. The maximum SPL of 140 dB makes it suitable for drum or amp sounds. The 12 dBA noise level and 128 dB dynamic range mean that this model will also be an excellent choice for recording orchestras, strings, and double basses.

Finally, the matter of design. The whole look has changed very little from the A131 while slightly referring to the SCX25A. We are, of course, mentioning the gold-plated brass ring visible at first glance. Not only does it make the device stand out, but it also adds a bit more mass. The microphone is also taller and wider than its predecessors.

The A231 is further proof that the Audix brand is far away from slowing down and continues to constantly develop its own products. Who should be most interested in this gear? A broad range of vocalists, instrumentalists, radio hosts, podcasters, lectors, or YouTubers will find it immensely helpful in their daily work.

Audix A231 will be an effective solution wherever professional-level sound quality is required.

They are available now from Lauda Central Europe.

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