Trace Elliot

Ultimate tone, ultimate portability, ultimate Trace!

Trace Elliot


Romford, Essex, UK

Bass Amps, Bass pre-amps, Effects, Cabinets, Bass Amplifier Combos


Brand Story

Trace Elliot’s story reminds us a bit of the fairy tale of Cinderella. It all started back in the crazy eighties of the last century in a small music store in Essex, England. The foggy island, despite or maybe because of its specific aura, gave birth not only to the greatest rock stars but also to legendary sound solutions. As is often the case, the world’s most momentous innovations happen when the need and the coincidence meet at the crossroads. The “Soundwave” store in Essex created, true to its name, a veritable wave of sound that carries the greatest bass guitarists in the to this day . This little shop, from which the Trace Elliot brand originated, was the place where local artists used to buy PA systems. Some of them used these types of amplifiers to soundproof their bass guitars as an experiment. This rebelliousness and courage in searching for better sound resulted in the first Trace Elliot products.


An owner, a salesman, and an engineer – these are the golden three who laid the groundwork for the Trace Elliot brand. Responding to the needs of their customers, they decided to start working together on equipment that would bring out the true quality of the bass guitar sound. Fred Friedlein, Alan Morgan, and Stuart Watson (yes, Watsons are great!) invented the first purpose-built large cabinet for bass guitars. The next stages of the work went incredibly fast. A few years later, members of Led Zeppelin were playing on Trace Elliot amps, and the store grew and moved its headquarters to accommodate the growing interest in their products. From the very beginning, Trace Elliot amplifiers were to enhance and highlight the talent of the bass player. They were to show the character of his instrument and to allow the musician to express themselfs musically, in their language. Trace Elliot added another letter to the bassist’s alphabet.


Decades later, Trace Elliot loves to emphasize the sound of bass guitars even more. He has also expanded his amplifier offerings to include equipment dedicated to acoustic guitars. Classic looks, massive sound, and effect. Trace Elliot is known today for its preamp pedals, compact heads, micro bass amps, and bass cabinets. The recognizable toxic green accent on their products distinguishes them visually. The brand’s new products are creating multiple sound possibilities, but that’s not their only advantage. Trace Elliot amplifiers can be truly compact and lightweight, ideal for active musicians who value mobility.