MESA Boogie

The Home of Tone®



Petaluma, California, USA

Guitar Amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, tone tools


Brand Story

San Francisco, 1960s. An iconic place and a remarkable time for music. It was understood at that moment that a good riff could be like a tsunami. It could bring epochal changes and convey emotions that had not been exposed before. At the very epicenter of the musical and cultural revolution was the electric guitar. It was the instrument that was to become the paddle for the boat, which was sailing on a long, crazy journey to unknown lands. The musical winds were raging, new stars were rising on the music scenes, and MESA/Boogie founder Randall Smith was preparing his powerful response to the needs of the times. As an experienced musician, saxophonist and percussionist, he was also involved in amplifier repair. This man was truly fascinated by tube technology and pre-amp solutions. He wholeheartedly wanted to create something that would move the industry.


Randall Smith was driven to do something unique for electric guitars. He also knew that if he was to create something that would be talked about, he had to conduct his research among musicians. The breakthrough came during a rehearsal with guitarist Country Joe & The Fish. Barry Mill tested Smith’s amplification solutions and showed him the way to improve his equipment. Straight from the test session, Smith ran back to his workshop and made the first guitar amplifier of his design. To test the invention’s capabilities, he invited local San Francisco guitar star Carlos Santana to test the thing. That day, part of the brand name MESA/Boogie was born. Carlos Santana after playing the new equipment said: “This thing Boogies!”


After more than three decades, MESA/Boogie continues to create products that surprise and raise the blood pressure in the veins of many modern guitarists. Handcrafted amps, cabinets, and pedals stand out for their excellence. You can feel the commitment to the music and the love of craftsmanship in these products. The MESA/Boogie brand principle is: treat your customer as you would like to be treated yourself. When you choose these amplifiers you know you have products in your store created with good intention and care. MESA/Boogie produces their products still in the same place – in their private store in Petaluma, California. This is one of the last brands that operate exactly as they did in the ’70s. They are still a private brand based on friendship and years of collaboration with the same makers, engineers, and craftsmen.