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Lag Guitars


Occitania, France 

Acoustic Guitars, Classical Guitars, Ukuleles, Accessories


Brand Story

Once upon a time There was a young and handsome musician whom we called Michel Lâg. One sunny morning, he decided to make electric guitars in the heart of Occitan country.

It was in 1981, in this colorful region of southern France, that the beautiful story of Lâg guitars began. After a few thousand electric guitars made for the greatest pleasure of French guitarists, our charming Prince made an encounter that would transform the destiny of the pretty Lâg factory, at the dawn of the new millennium. It was at this time that the fairy Algam appeared.

A decade later, a shower of international awards crowned with success the very elegant Lâg guitars, recognizable among thousands to their now iconic oval rosettes and their so majestic heads.

Our story would not look like a pretty fairy tale if a beneficent mage had not come to lend a hand to this good Algam fairy. Thus, in 2016, the famous French luthier Maurice Dupont appeared. His arrival in the Lâg factory was a real revolution.

With his title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best Craftsman of France), he soon transformed the 110 workers into 110 very conscientious luthiers. And for our story to be even more beautiful, all that was missing was the appearance of a good genius conversant with new technologies.