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Brand Story

If you’re expecting to read a little story about guitars, harsh sound, metal music, you have the right expectations. But before we introduce the Kramer brand, we would like to talk about planets. Did you know that Kramer was founded on Neptune? That’s no joke. Neptune, the farthest known planet in the solar system, is a mysterious giant that every astronomer wants to know more about. Neptune, however, is only accessible to a select few and allows only a select few to get to know themselves. Its swashbuckling nature as a planet is reflected in the graphic symbol representing it. The trident. Perhaps we love guitars too much, but when we think of the trident, can we not think of the iconic “V” shaped guitar body? Let’s look at Netun also from form a different angle, The god of the seas and oceans, the angry and unpredictable Neptune. A symbol of strength. It is he who brings the real storm. Isn’t it the same with those who master the Kramer electric guitars? We believe that these instruments can cause quite a stir. At this point, we can land in the town of Neptune, New Jersey, where the Kramer brand was founded in the late 1970s. A brand that circulates in the musical system of market leaders as an angry, unruly giant.


If you want to get to know the Kramer brand better, it is worth taking a look at the profile of the legendary guitarist who was a great inspiration for Kramer’s founders. Eddie Van Halen, whom the music world still remembers with great respect, was the driving force behind the construction of better and better guitars. A true rock guitarist, virtuoso, and innovator, was the one who set the bar high. And that was a very good thing. Thanks to him, Kramer tested new sounds, new exotic woods in the bodies or tremolo systems. Eddie Van Halen was born to rock hard. In 2003, he was on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the best guitarists of all time. He has left an indelible mark on the design and technology of Kramer guitars. You can feel his spirit in these instruments. However, Eddie was not the only artist closely connected with the electric guitars of this brand. Kramer’s instruments are also played by Steve Stevens from Billy Idol, Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, or Gene Simmons from KISS.


Nowadays Kramer brand is supported by Gibson Guitar Corporation and boldly refers to the character, look, and sound of guitars from the ’70s. In their offer, you will find classic collections, reactivations of vintage models as well as brand new guitars with contemporary design. Associated with a harsh sound, Kramer guitars have inspired generations of musicians, including metal guitarists continuing the virtuoso playing technique started by Eddie Van Hallen.