HK Audio

We develop professional and innovative products for Soundmakers.

HK Audio


St.Wendel, Germany

Active Speakers, Passive Speakers, PA Systems



Brand Story

Here at HK Audio, we develop professional and innovative products for Soundmakers: products that give them the easiest way to the best sound. But it’s way more than that. We give them a stage, and a home. Over the course of the past twenty years, the name HK Audio® has become synonymous in Europe with live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality. Made in Germany, these systems are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision – the aspiration to deliver perfect sound.

Smart and from the heart!

We live in a world of sensory perception—touch, taste, sight, and especially sound! Hearing is like no other sense. Auditory perceptions are interpreted as information, but they also have a direct and unfiltered influence on our emotions and, by extension, our well-being. Language and music are the speech of the heart, giving voice to our feelings and sharing our emotions. We are all equipped with “algorithms” that tell us immediately if an audio event signals safety, relief, good vibes, trouble ahead, or even danger. We may never fully understand these algorithms, but we never tire of studying them and discovering more about them every day. And the process is even more fascinating when you have made it your career, as we have done, to develop devices that spark audio sensations! The HK Audio® team is made up of many specialists.

Our Philosophy

From the very start, our focus has been the needs of our users, who challenged us not to be satisfied with standard solutions. Our mission is to deliver the entire package—high-quality sound and hassle-free setup, all tailored not just to satisfy but to exceed the demands of typical application scenarios. In close collaboration with leading sound engineers and musicians, we have forged a host of innovative solutions over the years. These solutions, together with the new technologies that first saw the light of day in the HK Audio® labs, have proven to be milestones—key developments in pursuit of the perfect sound reinforcement system. Today at HK Audio® we create systems for virtually every type of application, from the portable active system for the solo entertainer, to the touring system for open air venues with audiences of 50,000 and more.