Audio over IP Connectivity.



Sydney, Australia

AV Dante software


Brand Story

In today’s world, connection matters. Sometimes it is the connection that determines the “to be or not to be” of a business, a music event, international projects. This fact was appreciated by Audinate engineers fifteen years ago, when they created the first concepts for the tool which today is know as the Dante platform. In a world full of modern devices and gadgets Audinate continues to perfect something that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but which changes the current world and allows to achieve goals that were previously unattainable. Audinate virtually combines software programs, USB, FireWire and various types of outputs in computers – into one stable and reliable multi-channel management system.


Audinate has been working on its success since 2003, when the best AV technology and networking solutions engineers met in Australia. At the very beginning, they met to work on a project for Motorola. While cooperating with each other in searching technological solutions they found a strong common thread between them. After finishing this project they decided to continue their adventure together. That’s how Audinate was created. Today the company is a leading and one of the most innovative providers of AV software and hardware solutions in the world. Audinate with its Dante platform has greatly facilitated multi-channel audio communication between systems that are hundreds of kilometers apart. Thanks to Audinate artists can record albums remotely in separate studios, and students of music academies can receive professional instrument lessons – remotely. These are, of course only selected applications for Dante technology. A drop of water in the ocean of possibilities created by Audinate for almost all industries – from IT to the event organization.


Audinate was created to simplify what seemed to everyone to be way too complicated. The number of cables connecting synth, mixer, soundcard and computer was much too big. Dante, the leading product from Audinate, was created to eliminate all networking problems. The intercom, which was developed as a result of intensive work by Australia’s best engineers, allows today to synchronize audio channels and manage them in a single platform in an almost intuitive way.