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Admira Guitarras Españolas


Zarautz, Spain  

Classical Guitars


Brand Story

Admira Guitars are without doubt one of the most popular and biggest selling classical guitar brands in the world today. Admira are firmly rooted with their manufacturing workshops still based in Zarautz, northern Spain. Founded in 1944 by German born Enrique Keller Fritsch, Keller – Admira have continued to manufacture their guitars with the same quality focus and artisanal integrity that have seen them reach their current global status. The process of manufacturing Classical Guitars does not easily lend itself to the kind of automation often found in similar areas, so they retain a large, highly skilled workforce with only a few specifically automated processes. whose duration varies depending on the model. The vast majority of each guitar is built and finished by hand.

For the production Admira  look for and select the best woods all over the world. Admira have a R&D&I Department continuously working to obtain the best sound with the highest quality.

After selecting the wood, the different parts from the guitar are shaped. Sonority and excellent finishes, the noble material employed in their crafting and the careful elaboration that entails all the handcrafting process of our guitars are values that make the difference when it comes to choosing an Admira.

For many years now, Admira guitars have been the classical guitar of choice for teachers, students and professionals alike. With a varierty of models tailored to suit, many models are regularly specificied as the must-haves by local education authorities and experts alike.