Clair Brothers

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Pensylwania, USA

sound equipment, accessories


Brand Story

The Clair Brothers from Pennsylvania had an idea for themselves. They were not only talented and passionate young music engineers from a very early age, but they just loved the music industry. Not surprisingly, the 60’s were a glorious time for music! The brothers desired to combine concert sound engineering with the musician’s lifestyle. The touring industry has changed over the years and so has the Clair Brothers brand. The reason behind it was that the company has always followed the needs of busy gigging musicians. It was all about streamlining the work of editing crews, sound engineers and artists. An important inspiration for Clair Brothers was also the audience. They cared (and still care) about the audience to get the best possible audio experience during the performances.


Clair Brothers company has experienced at least a few revolutionary moments in its development. The first founding gesture was Frankie Valli’s concert at The Four Seasons in 1966. The Clair Brothers provided the sound equipment for the event of their own production. This event echoed in wide circles and started the rapid growth of the brand. After the first concert supported by the Clair Brothers, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons asked the brothers to tour with them. This was one of the first times in history that sound engineers traveled with a music band to take care of sound and equipment issues. The Pennsylvania brothers’ dream came true and the sound quality of the performances changed. It didn’t take long from the time they were renting equipment to local clubs to the time they presented their solutions to the world. Clair Brothers were making big, revolutionary steps to become one of the biggest sound equipment manufactures in the world.


Clair Brothers brand is responsible for one of the most important stage inventions for touring artists. It was them who in 1970 first proposed a speaker standing on a stage facing the musicians playing. This speaker gave the players an image of how they sounded to the audience. Stage Mirror Monitor became a must have product for touring musicians. Clair Brothers gave the industry something very special – starting in 1970, band members gained even more stage awareness and a stronger connection with live listeners. Naturally, in terms of inventiveness, nothing has changed at Clair Brothers after more than 50 years. They continue to provide the best sound reinforcement equipment in the world and turn to the best musicians and sound crews with their products.