BESPECO Brand Story MADE IN ITALY Bespeco is another brand in our “best of” collection that is proud to have an Italian soul. As we know, Italian manufacturers are characterized primarily by a passion for what they do. Without passion, there is no work. Therefore, if we decide to invest in Italian products, we can […]


spector Brand Story BROOKLYN IN NEW YORK Immersing into the history and atmosphere of the Spector brand is like entering a mysterious alley located somewhere between Brooklyn streets and New York City traffic jams. Spector brand is exactly there – in the music history of Brooklyn Borough, in the energy of New York, in the […]

Clair Brothers

Clair Brothers Brand Story BROTHERS FROM PENSYLVANIA The Clair Brothers from Pennsylvania had an idea for themselves. They were not only talented and passionate young music engineers from a very early age, but they just loved the music industry. Not surprisingly, the 60’s were a glorious time for music! The brothers desired to combine concert […]


MONSTER CABLE Brand Story THE MONSTER’S FACE The monster we would like to tell us a little about has a very human face. This face expresses relentlessness, passion, and love for music. It is the face of an audiophile, a musician fascinated with sound. The face that has been accompanying the Moster Cable brand for […]

GTR Tools

GTR TOOLS Brand Story POLISH BRAND Attention! This brand will be loved by all guitarists, guitar owners and collectors, their families, friends, and all those who deal with displaying, transporting and tuning guitars. GTR Tools is a Polish brand that was created with all guitarists in mind – the products of this brand will be […]


NEXO Brand Story THE SOUND ENGINEERS’ CHOICE Nexo comes out to its customers with a tagline that captures the awesomeness of this producer’s sound equipment in three words: Thinking. Inside the box. Nexo has perfected the art of encapsulating innovative thought into sound system “boxes”. Here, technology and standards mean a lot. Nexo products are […]


HOTONE Brand Story SECOND SOUL Hotone brand is about creativity and freedom. So it is what musicians love the most. Hotone is also one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of pedals and amps. What has allowed this brand to shine in the firmament of heaven as a well-recognized star giving direction to many artistic […]

MESA Boogie

MESA Brand Story EPICENTER OF REVOLUTION San Francisco, 1960s. An iconic place and a remarkable time for music. It was understood at that moment that a good riff could be like a tsunami. It could bring epochal changes and convey emotions that had not been exposed before. At the very epicenter of the musical and […]


KRAMER Brand Story BORN ON NEPTUNE If you’re expecting to read a little story about guitars, harsh sound, metal music, you have the right expectations. But before we introduce the Kramer brand, we would like to talk about planets. Did you know that Kramer was founded on Neptune? That’s no joke. Neptune, the farthest known […]


AUDINATE Brand Story CONNECTION MATTERS In today’s world, connection matters. Sometimes it is the connection that determines the “to be or not to be” of a business, a music event, international projects. This fact was appreciated by Audinate engineers fifteen years ago, when they created the first concepts for the tool which today is know […]